All you need to do is just sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!


Powered paraglider (known as paratrike) is a seated paraglider geared with a back engine and a set of wheels. These eliminate the physical requirement of running during take off, landing and ensures your safety. During the flight, you will be under the supervision of an experienced instructor - glider is designed for 2 people.


Weather conditions and limitations of this type of aircraft dictate that we only offer tandem flights within 2 – 3 hours of sunrise or sunset on days when the weather is suitable. This is for your own safety and comfort in flight. The sky is stunning at sunrise or sunset and you will be glad to have made the effort to enjoy a wonderful view.


Weather can cause cancellations or delays in flights and or availability at any time. If the weather does become unsuitable for flying then your flight will be rescheduled to your next desired time.


We operate powered paraglider flights between Mramor and Dobroslavtsi villages (Dobroslavsko shose street). Take off and landing place is the same. Also, it’s a great option to share the experience as a group!

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  • · Bring sunglasses, gloves, a jacket and clothes suitable for the season. We don’t recommend shorts, but a hat and suncream is essential in summer.

    · There is a weight requirement of minimum 30kg and maximum of 120kg for each participant.

    · Children aged between 7 and 18 require written parental consent.

    · For security and safety reasons, passengers who turn up in the state of alcohol or drug intoxication will not be allowed onboard, and no refund is permitted.

    · All participants will be informed of the risks involved in this activity and there will be a declaration form to sign.

  • · flight lasting 30 minutes

    · Inflight video and photos, made by HD Go Pro camera

    · necessary equipment (helmet, ear muffs)