If gasoline is flowing in your veins instead of blood and you want to get in touch of motor flying, then a paragliding course “Paramotor Pilot” is for you.


To begin this course, the student must have completed a Beginner Pilot course.


The training includes : a minimum of 6 days of practical classes described in the programme and a theoretical course covering meteorology, aerodynamics, air law, piloting, working with equipment, human factor and introspection.

“Paramotor Pilot” training does NOT include the necessary equipment.


To successfully complete the "Paramotor Pilot" course, the student must:

1.  Have completed 6 days of training with a qualified instructor.

2. Have completed the theoretical course and the practical exercises described in the programme.

3. Have at least 10 paramotor or paratrike flights recorded in the flight book under the control of an instructor.


We require valid MOUNTAIN AND MEDICAL insurance (covering extreme sports) or insurance from APPI "Temporary student".

Price : 900 BGN

"Beginner Pilot Course" + "Paramotor Pilot Course" = 1300 BGN

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курс по парапланеризъм моторно летене па

What is a paraglider?

To the unfamiliar, it looks like a parachute which is designed for a smooth descent and soft landing after opening, but the main difference – the paraglider is an aircraft designed for long flights.

It can fly routes of hundreds of kilometers, which does not require special resources, just appropriate weather conditions. We find a suitable hill, wind 3-5 m / s, preferably perpendicular and... fun!

If there is no slope or hill, it is not a problem.

We find a winch. The rope gently pulls you 200-300 meters into the sky and again fun...

On the other hand, if gasoline is flowing in your veins instead of blood, the paraglider ideally becomes a paramotor or a two-seater paratrike.

Yes, a two-seater paratrike! You can now share this newborn love for Aviation with your friends or loved ones.

In fact, this is the easiest and cheapest way to start your journey in aviation.

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The paraglider has firmly taken its place in the hearts of aviation enthusiasts. It is light, maneuverable, affordable and for literally everyone.


The construction of the paraglider is relatively simple and anyone dreaming of flying in the sky may think that it is unnecessary to resort to the help of an instructor.

BUT! The pitfalls are also hidden here.

The paraglider is ideal and easy to control in basic weather conditions, although unfortunately, many factors such as weather, meteorology, features of the terrain and others make paragliding very often dangerous for self-taught pilots.

In general, an unfortunate flight is almost always the result of training gaps. Most accidents occur on the ground during take-off and landing. That’s why at the very beginning of your training you are mainly concerned with mastering the management of the ground handling.

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What is Ground Handling?

Ground handling underpins launching and managing a paraglider on the ground.

Paraglider control during groundhandling overlaps 70-80% of the reactions, commands and senses of a real flight.

On the other hand, the perfect mastery of ground handling guarantees the trouble-free first stage of the flight - TAKE-OFF.

From my practice as an instructor, I can say that this first element of the beginner's course is quite labor - intensive for both me and the student. It takes 3-5 days of training. In this respect, we are uncompromising in our school. Without perfect ground handling, there is no flying!

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We are part of APPI.

APPI is a leading international paragliding organization that implements a revolutionary training system of the highest quality.

The main goal of APPI is to offer pilots and instructors a global unified training system. Many pilots travel and APPI gives them the confidence to find quality training in APPI certified schools around the world. APPI allows these traveling pilots to improve their skills wherever they are in the world.

By 2020, APPI already has 188 schools in 50 countries and more than 10,000 members in 134 different countries.

Thanks to the quality of training and the authority of its community, APPI has won the trust of a large insurance company and is able to offer pilots and instructors "Liability" insurance at low rates and good coverage.

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