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Feel the freedom through the flight!

Vertical Dimension Paragliding Club offers paragliding courses, motivational tandem flights with paraglider and hang glider for training purposes, sale and equipment service in Bulgaria, Sofia.

Paragliding courses

Vertical Dimension paragliding club offers courses in small groups and adapts the teaching programme according to individual characteristics of the individual student. Classes are flexible and allow students to study in their free time. Paragliding is suitable for all people of different ages no matter their physical training.

We are part of the international association APPI - a leading international organization for paragliding, which implements a revolutionary system of training of the highest quality.


We are representatives of the world's leading manufacturers of paragliding equipment:

Independence , SKYMAN , Dudek , Sky Paragliders , E-Props , Air Creation.

The equipment with which we conduct the training is certified and suitable for this activity.


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This course is for complete beginners who have never had any previous paragliding experience.

Learning to paraglide will require determination and effort, but the rewards are soon to come.  The course allows you to obtain and develop the necessary skills to enable you to undertake controlled take offs, flights and landings from small hills. Your first low, ground-skimming flight will be one of the most impressive moments of your life. 

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The level where the student improves and develops his skills on the way to active paragliding.

 You will learn more advanced flying skills like soaring, thermalling, rapid descent techniques and invaluable glider skills. In a lecture assisted by your instructors you will obtain an insight into site assessment, suitable weather conditions etc. - all of which is necessary for your safe flight. To begin this course, you must have completed a Beginner Pilot course.


And if gasoline flows in your veins instead of blood, the paraglider ideally becomes a paramotor.

A paramotor pilot is a pilot who has become independent of the previously given instructions, able to fly independently while successfully analysing different weather conditions. Various tasks will be given to finish your cross over. To begin this course, you must have completed a Beginner Pilot course.

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Motivational tandem flight with an instructor is the best gift for everyone!

Get an electronic voucher - immediately or printed - with free delivery the next business day.

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Safety is a top priority


More than 20 years of experience as a paragliding instructor

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Individual approach to each student

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High sports achievement

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Only 30 minutes from the centre of Sofia

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Year-round training according to the student's free time

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Representatives of leading equipment manufacturers

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Part of the international organizations FAI and APPI

Who are we?

We are Rimante and Tzvetan - the Tzolovi family. Our passion for flying brought us together. For us, paragliding is a sport, a way of life and a dream come true. Many years of paragliding experience and our achievements in many sports competitions give us the confidence to strive forward and upward. Each of us shares successes in the field of flying sports.


Rimante is a World and European runner-up in the discipline of  "Accuracy landing" in 2013 and 2014.

Tzvetan has also greatly contributed to the team's successes - two 3rd places in the European Championship, one second and one third from the World Championships. The peak of his sports career so far is the individual world title in the discipline of "Accuracy landing" at the World Championship in 2017.

Today we are the parents of two beautiful daughters, to whom we pass on our love of nature, outdoor adventures and, of course, flying - one of the purest forms of freedom.

As a natural continuation of our activity, we created our small airfield near the village of Mramor, where we share our experience and the passion for flying.

Everyone whose dream is to see the world from above and feel the freedom of flight is welcomed to join us!

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Contact us

Dobroslavsko Shose Street, Sofia province, 1247, Bulgaria

+359 882 267623

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